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All of our motors require a small amount of assembly when unpackaged.

Please follow the steps below to assemble the motor. We have also provided a set of videos as a guide on how to install the motor if you prefer.

1) Remove the motor and additional parts from the packaging. 


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2) If you are using a long shaft type motor now slide the gold shaft cover onto the shaft. This should spin freely on the motor.

3) The second step is to remove the small pieces of heat shrink from the connector tabs at the back of the motor. These are not required to be removed prior to use. To do this use a small flathead screwdriver or another appropriate tool. Use care when doing so to prevent damage to the connector tabs on the motor. Once removed you can discard the heat shrink. 


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4) Once the shaft cover is in place you are ready to attach the pinion. Remove the grub screw in the pinion using a 1.27mm allen key / hex driver.

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5) when securing the pinion it is very important that you use the correct adhesive. This should be a minimum of red Loctite. We personally use green to do this. However you can also use other strong adhesives. Please do not use blue thread locker as this is insufficient. Take the pinion gear and hold it upside down and put a drop of adhesive into the hole so it runs into the pinion. Once a small drop has been applied wipe away excess from the bottom of the pinion. 

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6) It is important when sliding the pinion onto the shaft that you should hold the motor with the shaft facing downwards. this prevents the Loctite you have used form getting into the bearing on the shaft cover. If this happens it may cause the bearing to seize during operation. 

7) Once you have given the pinion ample time to dry on the shaft, put a small blob of Loctite on the grub screw and secure this in the pinion. Tighten the grub screw until firm, but do not over tighten. now leave the Loctite / adhesive to set for the correct amount of time according to the instructions for the product.

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8) The final step is to ensure that the motor fits correctly in your pistol grip. We have designed the casing of the motor to fit in as many types and brands of gun without modification as we can. However it is good to check that the motor sits correctly in the bottom of the pistol grip prior to fitting inside your AEG. 

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9) Checking the fitment in this way will ensure you have the correct engagement angle when your motor is fitted inside your gun. Perform any modification or filing that is required to the pistol grip prior to use in your AEG. Once you have completed this last step you are ready to fit the motor. 

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Please take care when fitting your gun connectors to the tabs on the motor. These are soldered directly to the pcb inside the gun motor and they are more fragile than those on a standard brushed motor. Care should be taken not to bend them outwards or hyper extend them as this may result in them breaking. 


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10) if you have any questions regarding fitting, or need help on doing so please feel free to contact us directly on or you can contact us directly on 

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