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Warhead Base Motor

Speed 20kRPM at 11.1v (approx)

Case Material - Aluminium Cast


The Warhead Base Motor is deisgned to be an entry to brushless technology in airsoft. Please see the differences below between the standard Black warhead Motor and the Base version. If you have any questions please messsage us on facebook or email us using


The differences between this and the Warhead CNC Black motor you all know is as follows.


#1 The case.

In the CNC Black version the case is machined from 7075 Aircraft grade aluminium, then anodised and then returned to the CNC lathe a second time to machine the cooling fins , the other three CNC components are all machined on a CNC mill . This process for all 4 parts is incredibly time consuming, but it does produce the best power to weight ratio as well as offering the best cooling effect possible from the case. The BASE motor above is cast aluminium not CNC billet. This dramatically reduces the cost of materials as well as the time needed to make each case and plays a large part in being able to lower the cost . The cons are its heavier and can not be anodized , we must apply a form of powder coating that A, does not look as nice as anodising with some small blemishes visible as a result of the casting process and B, does not allow for heat dissipation as well as the CNC version.


#2 Magnets.

In the Warhead CNC Black motor the magnets are very close to the highest spec magnet possible (without the magnets costing as much as the motor itself). On the BASE motor we have opted for a lower performance magnet (not poor quality ) in order to further help the price point. It is important to note, The magnets used for the BASE are still SH rated magnets meaning they will tolerate very high temps again and again and still perform , so by no means are they a poor quality option but they do produce less power and less efficiency than the CNC Black Warhead motor. That said the Warhead BASE does out perform all brushed motors available with regard to trigger response , efficiency and outright power but it does stop short of matching the CNC Black version.


#3 Windings.

As a lot of you may have seen the CNC Black version of the warhead motor is 100% hand wound , this is very labour intensive and does require quite a lot of training to do it right. This is one of the biggest cost factors involved in making the CNC Black version apart from the case, but it does have its benefits in the form of power and efficiency. However with the BASE motor the stator is machine wound. This further drops the cost of the motor but again does also drop the performance of the motor below that of the CNC Black version. Note though the BASE still out performs any brushed motor currently available at any price.


#4 This part is all good news !

Warranty and after sales service with this motor remains identical folks , we use the same ESC , same software , same bearings, same sensor board and same pinion (4 parts that will fail if not of a high quality ) as seen in the Warhead CNC Black version. As a result the BASE motor is Rock Solid ! You have an issue and we got you all the way and then some !

#5 the real question you are all wanting to know .. how much less performance do you get ?

So firstly we have dropped the RPM a little on the Ultra High speed motor and changed the RPMs on the others to directly relate to 4 of the most popular Brushed motors available 20,000RPM, 27,000RPM, 35,000rpm and 45,000rpm. This combined with the lower spec magnet and machine wind will see about 15-20% ( depending on the set up ) than the Warhead CNC black motor. That said this is still well above the best performing Brushed motor on the market by some margin. You still get great trigger response, better efficiency than any brushed motor available and still get super low operating temps just not quite at the level of the fully hand built CNC black version.

This is our attempt to give more people the option of using brushless tech, at a price point everyone can afford, or possibly for those that already have a CNC black version and want something for another gun.

Warhead Base (Short Shaft 20K RPM)



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